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House-Lamp is a hand crafted, architecturally inspired luminary.  It playfully draws on classic house forms and integrates the warmth of light to create a lamp like no other.  Seeing a  House-Lamp can remind one of homes once dwelled in, fond memories shared, and dreams to come. 

Each House-Lamp is lovingly crafted by using a combination of high tech CNC and laser cutting machines and more traditional woodworking skills.  Every component of the lamp is hand finished including the bases, wiring, and model.  This creates an elegant and precise lamp with a lot of hand crafted charm.

The lamps have a standard bulb with a shade for tasks done at your desk, bedside reading, and everyday use.  The houses are illuminated with an led bulb and are more decorative, acting as a perfect night light.

There are 3 main designs - the Eco, the Bungalow, and the Modern.  Each design can come as a combination illuminated house + task lamp, or just a stand alone illuminated house.