I’m Lauren Daley, an avid designer and creator of Beam 3 Studio.  While working as an architect in the San Francisco Bay Area, I started Beam 3 Studio to combine a couple of my greatest joys: making things with my own two hands and architectural design.  I am thrilled to be able to offer my latest creations to all of you.

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House-Lamp is a hand crafted, architecturally inspired luminary.  It playfully draws on classic house forms and integrates the warmth of light to create a lamp like no other.  Seeing a  House-Lamp can remind one of homes once dwelled in, fond memories shared, and dreams to come. 

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Block-Lamp is a bright and cheery lamp.  Simple by design, it answers the call for a straight forward, functional task lamp with a spark of color that lights up any room.

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Model-Kits are a beginner level DIY construction project perfect for adults and kids alike.  Let your own creativity unfold.

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